HAZARD has just released their new single "Can't Stop It" close on the heals of their debut EP.  The new track pulses through an atmospheric groove that plunges into metal shearing power chords and soaring guitar riffs. 

"As soon as I heard Jimmy and Myles working out the opening riffs, I new the guys were on to a special new sound" recalls FENTON RECORDS producer Jeff Okkonen, "The song has a hypnotic groove...I told them we gotta track this right away!".  So the band laid the down basic takes in a few hours.  A couple of vocal and mix sessions later their label pushed the pre-release out to HAZARD Fan Subscribers...and their loving it.

The HAZARD sound draws on classic hard driving rock influences of the 70's, 80's and 90's  
like AC/DC, Steppenwolf, Pearl Jam and many others. But the boys have forged their own original brand of iron hard rock, full of melodic hooks, blistering guitar riffs and precocious lyrics.  

Formed in 2015 by front man Jimmy Hazard and lead guitarist Myles Bass, HAZARD has quickly defined their own brand of driving rock that is both fresh and classically unique. And these teens deliver the goods live!  

As one fan put it after seeing them at the sold out show at Holland's Park Theatre..."I was blown away by the passion in the performance".

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HAZARD "Live Before I Die" - LIVE


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